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K&R is proud to represent ACECO and their quality valve products.

K&R is a proud ACECO representative. ACECO offers a broad line of high quality, space saving valves, with high performance materials and craftsmanship to insure long reliable performance. ACECO valves are constructed from carbon or alloy steel, with many configurations to meet your stringent needs.



Aceco’s Model BV2 Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves combine advanced trunnion design and quality manufacturing for superior performance in manifold valve applications. For high-pressure service up to 15,000 lbs. psi, the Model BV2 is available in nominal sizes from 2″ to 12″.

Because of its trunnion design, the Model BV2 provides up to a 70% reduction in operating torque, compared to similar floating ball valve designs. This reduction in torque is an important consideration on production manifolds. Torque is reduced because the load pressure on the valve is exerted on the trunnions instead of the seat assembly. Since the trunnions rotate in a low friction bearing, the valve is considerably easier to operate than floating ball valve designs. Lower torque operation enables the use of smaller, lighter weight gear operators/actuators and hand wheels, allowing for additional cost savings and ease of operation. Some of the other Model BV2 features include:

  • Double block and bleed capability for simple seat integrity check
  • Threaded seat retainer enables the valve to be installed in either direction and permits removal of piping from either end at full rated working pressure, with the valve closed; also eliminates the potential for blowouts
  • Lubrication fitting and lube channel integrated into stem design to help minimize stem/bonnet corrosion and eliminate stem freeze-ups

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The Model BV1 manifold ball valve provides advanced design, high quality materials and superior craftsmanship for cost effective operation and durability. The valve body, bonnet and end connections are constructed of carbon and/or alloy steel, while seats are made of Acetyl Copolymer. This ensures high strength operation and durability. A stem lubrication fitting and seal keeps corrosion to a minimum and further extends operating life.

You get reduced cost with Aceco’s BV1 because the weight is 70% lower and the size is 60% less than conventional ball valves. And since the bonnet and stem are removable while the valve is in the line, lower maintenance costs and downtime result when replacing stem and bonnet seals.

End connections are designed to be welded directly into the line with no other fittings required. Also, metal-to-metal face seals at the body connection with secondary O-ring seals assure leak proof end connections.

The BV1 is designed to be a reliable replacement valve as well, with similar end-to-end valve dimensions and bolt patterns. There’s no need to alter flowline spacing or replace end flanges with the BV1.

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Aceco Model CV Check Valve is a swing type valve designed for high-pressure oil, gas, water and other oilfield operations. The clapper is held to the closed position by a spring but will swing up and out of the flow path, allowing full port passage through the valve. Aceco offers nominal sizes 1″ to 10″ in working pressures to 15,000 psi.

All Model CV check valves feature a compact, space saving design, for offshore platforms where space is at a premium. The CV also weighs up to 70% less than conventional flanged check valves.

The CV is a good replacement valve since no change in flowline spacing or flange replacement is required — dimensions and bolt patterns are the same as similar compact valves.

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Model PV3 and PV4 Pigging Valves are available in 2″ to 12″ and pressure ratings from 150 to 2500 ANSI.

  • Compact body style for bolting between line flanges. Space saving. See dimension chart for end to end lengths.
  • During pig loading and retrieving, by-pass design permits 72 to plus 100 percent of product flow, depending on pipe schedule.
  • No tools required for removing or replacing bonnet plug.
  • Vent/bleeder valve permits the relieving of pressure from the bonnet pig chamber for safety before removing bonnet plug.
  • Equalizer valve opens to pressurize bonnet pig chamber to create low torque operation.
  • Pig launching and removal is performed easily and safely.
  • Back-seated stem prevents blowout.
  • Stem lubrication fitting standard.
  • 90° stem rotation and locking plates standard.
  • Valves are field convertible from launching type to receiving type or vice-versa.
  • Pig receiving ball contains pig stop plate rigidly positioned to stop pig.
  • Lower seat is spring energized to force ball upward to create initial seal against upper seat to isolate bonnet pig chamber. Line pressure then increases seat sealing.
  • In-line field repairable
  • Materials available for all requirements.
  • Materials per Nace specification MR-01-75 standard
  • Manufactured in compliance to ISO 9000 standards for quality control.
  • Bonnet plug color coded for proper field installation “green” for launching valves “red” for receiving valves.
  • Correct size grade B-7 installation cap screws furnished with valves.

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• Building block design allows for a wide variety of connection options and design configurations.

• Tees, crosses, valves and end connections have matching bore sizes, which minimize transition areas and erosion points.

• Bolted connections allow for ease of disassembly for maintenance and/or repair work.

System Components:

• Ball Valves

• Check Valves

• Three-Way Ball Valves

• Throttle Ball Valves

• Tube Connectors

• 3-Way Blocks

• 4-Way Blocks

• 5-Way Blocks

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Floating or Trunnion mounted Compact Ball and Check Valves designed specifically for temporary (typically 0-5 years) subsea service.

• Rugged proven valve designs from a high-quality U.S.A. Valve manufacturer.
• Pipe sizes from 1” to 10”, with the valve bores closely matching the piping inside diameter.
• Working pressures from ASME Class 600 (1,500 psi) up through 10,000 psi.
• Performance-tested at ocean depths up to 10,000 feet.
• Provided with either flanged, buttweld or customer-specific end connections.
• A wide range of metallic and elastomeric materials available.
• Multiple coating systems as required by the application.
• Designed to be used with a broad range of operator/actuator devices such as: Bare Stem, API 17H Receptacles for ROV’s, Knock-Over handles, Subsea Gear operators, Subsea Hydraulic Actuators or customer-specific methods.
• Designed to meet the requirements of: API 6A, API 17H and API 6DSS for material control, design stresses, testing, dimensions and subsea drive train requirements.
• Compact and versatile design allows for easy inclusion in manifolds, pipe runs and tight locations

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