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K&R is your preferred source solution...

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K&R is your preferred source for quality engineered products.
K&R supports many industries, and manufacturers. Working together with supply chains, engineers, design and manufacturing to obtain the best possible product solutions for those industries and environments.
Many of our industries range from Petrochemical, water management, geothermal, power generation, paper pulp, mining and many more.
K&R has become the trusted supplier for engineering solutions and quality supplies the industry has come to depend on.



K&R offers valves for service in cryogenics and offers special alloys (Hastelloy, Incoloy, Stainless, Martensitic, Austenitic) with a large array of trims to meet your specifications. Quality is assured through laboratory destructive and nondestructive testing. Testing ranges from cryogenic, X-Ray, fugitive emissions, and fire testing, and more.

Water Management

K&R offers valves can be found in aqueducts, distribution branches, housing inlets, drinking water plants, water treatment plants, fire extinguishing networks and many other municipal water process centers. K&R supplies a wide variety of products to meet your industry needs, and specifications when you need them.


K&R represents the world leader in valve manufacture for geothermal wells. K&R's most popular product line is the API 600 steel gate valves with a Triballoy coating. This material configuration gives the products a superior service life than any others competitors products.

Power Generation

K&R supplies valves in sizes in many sizes ranging from ¼’’ to 60’’ in various materials, and configurations for high and low pressures applications. K&R backs our quality through certifications of quality to prove our service, product’s efficiency and safety.

Paper & Pulp

K&R supplies products are widely recognized due to their quality of material and designs. This assures long life and functionality in any application, thus offering an easy operation and compatibility with any process or installation.

Why is K&R your trusted source solution?

K&R has aligned themselves with the most reputable manufactures in the industry. K&R is your trusted supplier when it comes to supplying quality engineered products. Your industry cannot afford to accept anything but the best when it comes to quality products, engineering support, and reliable service. All K&R supplied valves come with all the necessary design certifications such as API, ISO, NACE, CF, CFE, and SIL to comply to your industry set standards. K&R also can provide many other certifications and documentations such as material test reports (MTR's), 6FA Fire Safe testing, sales drawings, installation & operation manuals, as well as any addition testing which may be required.

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